To say that Glenfiddich scotch is rare is an understatement worthy of a man that, indeed, has drank an entire bottle of scotch. It comes from only the second-ever vatting of this particular whiskey. The original went to Glenfiddich founder, William Grant’s, kids.

This particular spirit has been maturing for 18,250 days in only two oak casks. These casks were specifically chosen by the Glenfiddich malt master from a pool of over 200,000 specifically for aging this rare whiskey which is important as the casks contribute approximately 70% of the taste to any whiskey’s final flavor. Those casks were then combined and aged for an additional six months in a single American oak barrel. 

The result of is one of the rarest and most expensive whiskeys on the planet today, and its price reflects that fact at a whopping $16,000 a bottle. Buy it now