Young men of the Nation, come sit on mamma’s lap. Momma, in this case, being Miss Cougar America, Gloria Navarro, of Redwood City, CA. 

A recent divorcee of a 20-year marriage, this woman says she’s ready to be the openly sexual figurehead for a new breed of woman. A new breed of woman looking to get a little piece of that sweet, young man meat. Rawr. 

Although some decry this new label of “empowered” women as dehumanizing and sexist, Gloria (weird that we want to call her Mrs. Navarro?) is embracing her title and pulling it snugly against her ample bosom. She says, "I went from soccer mom with short hair, flat-heeled shoes and fanny packs to cougar. I believe every woman has a cougar in them – someone who doesn’t need a man for anything other than companionship."

Whether or not cougars are your thing, surely you can’t have anything bad to say about your dating pool increasing significantly?  Well, that’s because you’re not 45. Some older men are not amused. The SF Gate reports that, from a distance, 45-year old Mark Friedman said, “I’ve never seen so many useless 20-year-olds in my life. This is a uniquely American phenomenon."

The women in attendance didn’t seem to mind. And, one wonders if Mark Friedman wouldn’t tap something in the 20s if given the guilt-free opportunity like these women are being presented with. Maybe he’s just feeling the table tilt away from him back to a little more even keel.  Which, incidentally, is better for having kitchen sex on with the cougar of your choice.