Don’t be a chump that rolls over and passes out; gear up for round two.  The afterglow massage kit is an investment in future after glows. Rub your woman down, and she’ll certainly be happy to return the favor.

JimmyJane now has a solution to the afterglow massage that keeps any feminine oils and dubious-looking vibrating massagers far, far from your bedside. Cleverly and cleanly molded to fit one another (like you and your lady), these white massage stones are made to get the job done. 

They’re paired with the multifunction candle that, upon melting, becomes a cosmetic-grade wax and low-viscosity massage oil for use with the stones. Technique becomes an afterthought at this point, as the JimmyJane massage kit takes care of all the afterplay to set up round two. You just sit back, relax, and remember to stay hydrated (nsfw). Buy the massage kit here for $45