There was more talk about Gold this year than in the last 5 years. It was up 18% in 2005 and this was in something that traditionally was an investment used during times of inflation or a weakening dollar. There is a war going on but the economy was pretty good and the markets were down but there was plenty of opportunity out there. So why was it up? The same reason gold will be up in 2006. Demand is estimated in 2006 at 3800 tons and production is 2600 tons. This doesn’t count the world economies stockpiling it as well. The Chinese and Indians, the two largest world populations, love gold and are driving demand. These two economies alone, in my opinion, have caused gold to be traded on supply and demand. As prices get too high the jewelry becomes too expensive but another 10-20 % shouldn’t change sales too much. The dollar should start out strong this year but most economist see the dollar becoming weaker after the first half of the year. Gold should be a great investment this year.