Williams Sports – famous for their contributions to the aerodynamic properties of F1 racecars – is applying their same technologic and design insight into another sport of the privileged class: golf.  

The new line of luxury clubs from Williams Sports dubbed intimidatingly The Black Diamond Series isn’t available to just anybody. First of all, you’ve got to have $50,000 sitting around that you’ve earmarked for golf clubs. Is it worth it? Maybe.

The clubs make use of the same aerodynamic technology, and that’s great, but more tangibly, they use the same materials to make these clubs as they do to make F1 racers. In fact, in the woods and irons, Williams Sports uses the second heaviest metal in the world, Densimet (aptly named, no?) which is what they use to bring hyper-light F1 cars up to the regulation minimum weight.

In addition to some of the finest-made clubs on the planet, any customer who buys the Black Diamond series will also receive an Italian leather Williams Sports golf bag to carry them in and VIP access to one F1 race.   Buy yours at Williams Sports.