Although much about golf has improved over the years—from club technology to the way portable vaporizers can enhance a five-hour walk—the fashion of the sport still leave a bit to be desired. Visit most courses and you’ll find a broad range of sartorial missteps, from the over-the-top WASPy look to the way-too-techy. Here are six complete golf looks that will help you fit in to the preppy world of golf while maintaining style.

Look 1: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece
This isn’t your dad’s Brooks Brothers. The Red Fleece collection offers an updated twist on the too-baggy fits from the country-club staple. With a slim cut and a closer attention to comfort, Red Fleece items can look just as good off the course. Supima pique stitch V-neck, $89.50; solid oxford polo, $54.50; slim-fit chinos, $75.00Paired with Foot-Joy City, $159

Look 2: Mr. Porter
To make the most of Mr. Porter’s more fashion-forward selection, we suggest a nearly all-black everything look. It worked for Gary Player, and it can work for you too. Raf Simons slim-fit contrast-pocket shirt, $245; A.P.C. slim-fit cotton trousers, $290; Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, $155; Paired with Adidas Tour 360 ATV M1, $130

Look 3: Tiger, Tiger Woods
While Tiger may be sitting out a huge portion of this season and losing his number-one world ranking, he’s still had as much impact on the sport as any player in its history. Borrow from his personal style with some toned-down Nike items. Nike Sportswear long-sleeve crew, $80; Polo, $70; TW practice shorts, $90; Paired with TW ’14, $180

Look 4: Puma Golf
We’ll warn you that Puma gear can get a little … loud. While they have a number of options available for you Rickie Fowler fans, more muted looks can be worn so the others in your foursome won’t wonder if you’ve been listening to Justin Bieber lately. Duo-Swing golf polo, $75; Tech Style golf pants, $80.Paired with NeoLux Shoes, $200

Look 5: Urban Outfitters
Is it possible to pull off a golf-worthy look at the more-hipster-than-thou mecca? Although much at Urban can be over-the-top and trend-driven, there are some good pieces here and there. We suggest this look for the more casual of courses, when you’re playing with guys who focus more on beers per round vs. putts. Reyn Spooner Surf button-down, $98; Dickies slim short, $39; Bollman fedora, $58Paired with Nike FI Impact, $129

Look 6: J. Crew
The mall standby has it all. You’re going to probably buy these items anyway; they might as well double as athletic wear. Short-sleeve popover, $88; 9-inch club short, $64.50; Slim rugged V-neck sweater, $64.50.Paired with Lunar Clayton, limited edition, $250