People are tricky. It’s hard to know what somebody’s intent is, or what they are thinking. You don’t want to be unclear, but you’re only human. Sometimes you get in the way of yourself. The Bureau of Communication was created to help.

Their mission? “To promote better understanding of the peoples of the world” according to their website, their banner at the top proclaiming “Let that which is unsaid be said.” A great start for getting your point across. The B of C takes it one step further though with fill-in-the-blank forms. Picture this. You’ve been testing the waters with the new girl in the office for weeks now. That’s when Steve from Accounting swoops in and gets the date, all because you were dancing around what you really wanted to say for weeks!

If you had filled that out and handed it to her on Day One, you might have been getting ready for Date #3 already! And you’d have the documentation that you pursued first in. This is just one of the many useful forms B of C provides, such as a Formal Apology form, a Statement of Gratitude form, and even an Unsolicited Feedback form to tell somebody your opinion. They are all free and can be found at