We all knew the question. How would Google continue to make money with just the Cost per Click (CPC) method of advertising? I think the answer is now a cost per impression (CPM). This is how all traditional forms of media make a living and soon Google will be no different. They have more “eyes” than anyone on the internet and you are going to be able to pay them to get them. The have been showing ads for the Ford Explorer on certain web sites and Ford is probably paying on the estimated number of viewers at each site. Presently the most common form of advertising for Google is for take visitors from one site and move them to yours in hopes they will buy things. Traditional media is not set up this way. The are presenting messages that hopefully translate into you purchasing or remembering their item when you see it. Both forms work but Google only uses one. This is about to change. They will start showing longer ads and companies will try and grab your attention while you are on someone else’s site. Faster internet connections make this easier and enable richer, more detailed ads. So where does the Google Cube play into this. The cube will be one more way to bring a new group of people to the internet. The people that can’t afford a computer or are uncomfortable with the current methods of accessing the internet will have device designed for them. Plain and simple just like the Google search page. These boxes will give them guaranteed eyes because it will be their operating system and there hardware. It certainly would be set up to reach them easier. They will downloading video brought to you by Ebay. Downloading a song that is free because Coke gave it to you. All this presently exist but none of it has been delivered by Google. I would not doubt if they started buying television stations and billboards. Advertising is Advertising. Google employs the best and the brightest. They have a boatload of cash. Which of the two keeps you from thinking they can’t make a device to manage the web? They already make hardware. The Google Box (pictured to the side) a device that helps companies set up a search engine for their intranet. The Google Cube is merely a rumor but execs from Google are speaking on opening day of the CES. Last time I checked it was an electronics show and last time I checked they didn’t make too many electronics. That may be changing.