I was tired of having my blogger accounts have blogspot at the end of my urls (ie coneflower.blogspot.com ) so I decided to have blogger host my account under my custom domains. Why everyone doesn’t do this I don’t understand. I will be converting this page to a google hosted account as well this weekend. Pretty soon you will see most blogspot endings disappearing because of the ease of this. Simply register the name and set up a cname account to www. at your domain registrar. Here are the details on how to do it if you have a blogger account. A few helpful hints. 1. Give the cname account 48 hours to transfer. Sometimes it takes that long. 2. The cname transfer directs people that type in www not any other way. To solve that you just forward the domain to www. That way no matter what they type they’ll come to your account. 3. You lose your pagerank when you transfer over, be prepared.

The only problem I had with any of this was the fact I was fully prepared to host wallstreetfighter and now I’ve wasted the money because they will do it for free. A free host that can take a digg and not crash? It’s a beautiful thing.