Google recently has decided that too many people go to wikipedia. They would simply buy it but since it is a not for profit entity they are going to have to make their own. Officially known as “knol” for “unit of knowledge” they are trying to make a legit encyclopedia. (They own the domain Googlepedia so I think that is going to be the real name) Rather than have random people type whatever they want, Google has hired “experts” in their field to write on the topics of their expertise. I for instance will be writing the “hot babes” section as I am an expert in that category. OK that part was a lie but the other is legit.

There is one key problem to the new project from Google, no editors. According to Google, “Google will not serve as an editor in any way, and will not bless any content,” Manber wrote. “All editorial responsibilities and control will rest with the authors.”, which leaves Googlepedia in the same boat as Wikipedia. No editors=lawless publication. The “experts” can post anything they want and nobody can change them. It also leads to uneven content as any project would that has thousands of people working on it and nobody in charge. At least in Wikipedia anyone could correct blatant errors as they are seen.

In summary, look for the new “knol” to be released at some point next year but like many of the other latest projects from GOOG, look for nobody to care.