When faced with riding a bike or carrying a boombox, most people are going to choose the bike. Mostly because, who the hell still uses a boombox?

But then you meet the Noordung Angel Edition ($8,500), a gorgeous European-made electric bike that’s merging the whole tried-and-true, two-wheeled transportation thing with a versatile power supply that’s part battery, part stereo. They’re making just 15 of these bikes by hand as part of a limited edition series, so if you’d like one for yourself, you probably shouldn’t wait.

The bike itself is a lightweight, carbon fiber urban commuter for zipping around the city. And when you need some pedaling assistance, the motor will kick in to provide help over a range of 30 kilometers. But the real innovation here is the multifunctional power supply that sits atop the frame. It acts like a wireless boombox, with two speakers that play music from your phone to give your commute a soundtrack. It’s also got a couple of USB ports for charging that phone, laptop or anything else you need, plus a sensor that measures the air quality on your route. And it does all that while powering the electric motor. So it’s a very industrious bike.

And the best part: If you buy one, the company’s founder, Gregor Fras, will personally deliver the bike himself. So you’ll get a chance to say hello, shake his hand and maybe grab a beer or something. We don’t know. This is uncharted territory. Maybe he’s more of a wine guy.