Well, it took a couple days, but we’ve finally recovered from the three-day music celebration that is New York City’s magical Governor’s Ball.

We had VIP access to the show thanks to our friends at Schick Hydro and Edge Shave Gel, so we figured: What better way to crystalize the action than by reviewing the varied facial hair stylings of the headlining artists who performed?

Without further ado, here’s a quick recap…

023_GovBall2015Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs: Not many long-haired rock stars keep it clean on the cheeks and chin, but Granduciel looks about as smooth as he sings.

008_GovBall2015Colin Meloy of The Decemberists: We remember when Meloy looked more like a fresh-faced Silicon Valley entrepreneur than an indie rock icon. But times have change and we dare say he is rocking the sharp haircut, light beard and three-piece combo.

dan-auerbach-of-the-black-keys-performs-at-govball-2015Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys: Opting for a well-maintained five o’clock shadow works for Auerbach. Pairing that look with denim-on-denim gives him a working class vibe that would make Springsteen himself wanna throw back a couple cold ones.

6-5-15. Chromeo.David Macklovitch of Chromeo: Another five o’clock shadow aficionado. Not bad, but Macklovitch’s jaw is strong enough that he’d probably look pretty sharp with a crisp shave too.

deadmau5-gov-ballDeadmau5: Pretty much the most cleanly groomed fellow we have ever seen. Hell, you can probably see your reflection in those ears.

2015 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 1Drake: Trademark close-cropped haircut with a slightly thicker beard than we’ve seen. Maybe Canada’s greatest living rapper is growing up a little bit. We dig.

2015 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 1Jim James of My Morning Jacket: This image was captured just as James was completing his transformation into Teen Wolf. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend this look for every gent, but rock stars play by different rules.

016_GovBall2015Noel Gallagher: The Gallaghers have endured their fare share of hate over the years—and dished some out too—but you know what? This clean-shaven 48-year-old Brit is looking pretty sharp.

044_GovBall2015Ryan Adams: Adams has always struck as the kind of guy who probably only needs to shave once a week. As such, the tousled hair offsets that baby face quite nicely, allowing him to rock out with reckless abandon.

Governors-Ball_Weird-Al_1743-640x427Weird Al Yankovic: Say what you want about that beard, “Amish Paradise” just wouldn’t be the same without it.