Crystal Cruises makes cruise ships. That makes sense. The word is right there in the name. And those ships can take you on a river expedition or straight into the arctic. But as of late, they’ve been experimenting with a new mode of travel.

First, there was the Global Express Jet, an on-demand 12-seat private Bombardier jet that can be chartered at your whim to whisk you away on vacations. And just recently, they announced an 84-seat plane that will begin taking guests on around-the-world itineraries next year.

The plane itself is a 777-200 that’s been outfitted with a lounge, bar and dining area, plus a 150-bottle wine cellar, lest you go thirsty. Everyone gets a lie-flat seat, and every seat gets a 24-inch flat screen TV. Food will be a major upgrade from your regular airline fare, with actual chefs turning out five-star meals. And if you need anything while on board, each flight will be equipped with trained butlers. So it’s basically the exact opposite of flying coach on your regular domestic carrier.

Itineraries aren’t yet set, but for now, the plan is to embark on two-, three- or four-week trips that will takes guests around the world. And like an actual cruise, the hop on/hop off trips will allow travelers to explore multiple locations. Naturally, something like this comes with a price. And in this case, that price starts at $50,000 per person. But can you really put a price on premium wine, roomy seats and a butler?

Yeah. It’s $50,000.