If you’re going to build a house for yourself, it helps to have a general contractor license. Maybe an architecture degree. But if that fails, then you should at least have some really good paint-by-number plans from a Portland company that’s well-versed in diminutive house construction.

Portland Alternative Dwellings is a pioneer in the tiny house movement. It’s the same company that built the Bunk Box, and they’ve simplified the process, inviting you to build one for yourself by offering up their design plans via download for $99. The structure is a small, versatile shelter constructed on a trailer, so your house goes where you go.

You’ll get: plans for a house that measures 168” long and 86” wide, with 125 square feet of space on the main floor and another 72 square feet in the sleeping loft. It includes a host of details, from interior and exterior elevation drawings, roof framing plans and basic electrical work to product details on the proposed sink, shower and tankless water heater. And it all encompasses a very energy-efficient design, with cell foam insulation and a floor that’s separated from the steel trailer to keep warm spaces warm and cool spaces cool.

Once you’re done, you’ll have a miniature house, guest room, office or whatever else you might need, complete with two large skylights and six windows for plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you just built your own domicile—something you haven’t done since your pillow fort days.

Might have to rethink that whole no girls allowed policy.