It’s June and that means college students around the world are simultaneously facing down the dreaded job hunt, a too-short grace period for their student loan debt and a ceaseless array of questions about their ten-year plans.

But, listen up grads—just because your lives seem a tad disheveled doesn’t mean that you need to appear that way. You’re about to leap into many milestones such as a first job and a first apartment (hopefully), so even if you can’t get all your shit together, you can at least look the part.

Here are a few items that all college graduates should have ready to enter the real world. Good luck, kiddos.

1. A suit: As any man in corporate America knows, you need a damn handsome suit. No, I am not saying head to Barney’s and buy the latest Armani, but trendy stores like Suit Supply, Bonobos and Indochino are making fantastically fitted suits at decent prices. Go get yourself one, stat.

2. Brown dress shoes: Brown dress shoes have become staples in the working man’s wardrobe, and you need them if you’re going to rock navy. Whether they are lace-ups or loafers, they are the perfect alternative to the dull black shoes of our yesteryears.

3. A bar cart: The good old days of being in college and drinking Vodka Red Bulls out of Solo cups are behind you. But imagine impressing your company in your new but probably shitty apartment with a not-so-shitty bar cart. You’ll need to stock it with some tumblers, wine glasses and a mixer set because you had also better learn how to mix drinks for said company, too.

4. Selvedge denim: Invest in a fantastic pair of selvedge denim jeans. Why? Not only does the actual fabric feel sturdier, but it will also gradually shape to your body. Even better—the shine of the fabric will make these jeans your ultimate casual Friday go-to.

5. Driving loafers: Heading away for a weekend to the Cape? Or back to your parent’s house for a little R&R? Show up in a pair of suede driving loafers and you’ll convince everyone that you’re pulling off this whole adulting thing. Pair with swim trunks, jeans or any pants—they go great with everything.

6. A weekender bag: Guys, it’s time to ditch the college logo-emblazoned duffles we all carried from class to the gym to practice and everywhere else. Invest in a leather weekender tote bag. You’re going to need it on business trips for your riveting 9-to-5.

Photo: iStock/Nikada