Right off the bat with a title like Great Alaskan Beer Train, you’ve got to be thinking we’re going to tell you about a sort of adult-oriented “Homeward Bound;” something with all the heart but none of the restrictions on curse words that the Disney film had. Correct, sir.  

The Great Alaskan Beer Train is a one-day train ride that rolls out on Oct 3 in celebration of the second greatest holiday of all time, Oktoberfest***. It makes an 80-mile run from Anchorate to Portage and features an extensive array of local and imported microbrews. You’ve got to be 21 (stricter than an NC-17 rating…how enticing), and for $149 you get the roundtrip train ride, unlimited appetizers, and 6 hal pints of BrewHouse Beer with plenty more available for purchase. Chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga…[Book it]   

***The greatest holiday is, of course, Hauntoberfest which artfully combines Halloween and Oktoberfest.