Not only is this antique gaming table, or, table des jeux a remarkable piece of craftsmanship, a powerful conversation starter, and, practically, an entertainment piece, but it’s steeped in the history of high society to boot. All of this combines for a one-of-a-kind piece with an asking price to match: $175,000.

Originally, the piece was made for and housed in the now-infamous Albemarle Club. It was a private club in London founded in 1874 (there were many in this time), it was open to both genders, and is otherwise without scandal with the exception of Oscar Wilde’s persecution, arrest and exile. It was at this club that the Marquess of Queensberry left a note for Wilde reading “For Oscor Wilde, posing sodomite.” Shortly after he was arrested, tried, convicted and ultimate executed under those accusations.

The table, in addition to be cloaked in a dubious and interesting history, is a finely-crafted piece of Cuban mahogany. Around the perimeter of it are six drawers containing all manner of game including but not limited to: chess, dominoes, cribbage, backgammon and horseracing. The drawers are each of them opened with an elaborate key system set in the center of the table which is inscribe d “The Albemarle Club.”  Check the listing here, and more pictures below.