Toastabags take all the delicious, heady aromas of the baked sandwich, and put it in a sack lunch like your momma did for you in 3rd grade.  Adorable and delicious, much like veal. 

Just make a sandwich like you normally would, slide it into Toastabag (toothpick it together if need be) and then slide it in your toaster.  A single Toastabag is comprised of a flexible, toaster-proof material that you can use and reuse in your home toaster.  Weirdly, they won’t reveal what it is precisely.  All they say is “The material that the Toastabag is made from complies with F.D.A. Regulations and is U.S.D.A. approved for food contact applications.”

Good enough for us.  And one more thing: Don’t forget to add produce after the toasting.  Toasted lettuce is exactly as disgusting as you’re thinking it is.  [Buy it]