Hunting Bears is no Threadless, and thank goodness. Threadless is like the Walmart of screen-printing – the clients are dubious, you go there knowing you’ll probably find something you like, but it’s just so big it’s hard to get through it all.

Not Hunting Bears. They’re a relatively new site, so they’ve only got 4 shirts at present, but they are, each of them, great. If nothing else, the consistent quality of these non-user-generated tees speaks to the hilarious nature of the guys behind the site, and just like we don’t pirate music because we like to support cool bands, we’d like to buy shirts from cool guys. Who wouldn’t? From their about section: welcome to hunting bears, we are only a small store at the moment but to paraphrase whinnie the poo "small thing can occupy big parts of your heart." So, order one.