Good news: You just woke up in the bed of a very lucky, lovely lady who’s still in that phase where she wears her best undies for you. Bad news: Your late-night rendezvous nearly wiped your memory clear of the big client meeting going down in half an hour. With only her products at your disposal, can you make yourself presentable? Yes, with our help.

Hair wash

Every woman’s dirty (hair) secret is a little something called dry shampoo. This aerosol miracle worker will do the trick of a wash in seconds. JT Pozzie, a stylist and retail representative for midwest chain State Beauty Supply, explains: “I use dry shampoo for texture and lift when I skip a wash.” Spray close to roots and let dry. If the cabinet’s bare of dry shampoo, simple baby powder can absorb oils to present a clean, finished look. Lightly sprinkle into palm and work into your scalp with your fingers.

Hair style

Don’t get overwhelmed by the colossal collection of pretty bottles and cans; head straight for the jars. Women often employ finishing products similar to the wax or pomade you have at home. Failing that, grab a can of hairspray, spray 12 inches from your mane and tousle your locks. It’ll act as a styling product by providing separation and hold.


Face it: Her razor’s exactly the same as yours with a fancy pink handle. Often, razors for women are equipped with four to five blades for more surface coverage, making you baby’s butt smooth in the nick of time. Got a disposable razor kind of gal? Skip the massacre and embrace the scruff—it works for Jason Statham. If her shaving cream smells too girly, lather up with hair conditioner. Finish with lotion or body cream as an aftershave.


Strong enough for a man isn’t just a slogan. According to Lindall Perry, M.D., a dermatologist based in Columbia, Missouri, men’s and women’s antiperspirants possess identical active ingredients. Just make sure no hair is left behind on that stick of powdery freshness.


If the deodorant isn’t enough to cover up last night’s tracks, don’t assume her perfume will send you out smelling like a gardenia patch. Many women dig androgynous scents such as musk, cedar, and sandalwood. Still wary? Try the spray, sniff, and step method. Spray, sniff to make sure the scent is more Daniel Craig than Jenny Craig, and step into the mist.

(Lacey Maulding is a freelance writer and photographer with five years of experience in the grooming business.)