By Gerri Miller

Whether you’re thinking about letting that five o’clock shadow breathe, taking a razor to the jungle on your chest, or hedge trimming below the belt, grooming can be a fuzzy issue, especially when it comes to pleasing the ladies. But before you subject yourself to the torture Steve Carell endured in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, check out what these stars have to say.

Nikki Reed (Twilight saga)
“Facial hair is more manly. I hate men that are way too clean. I don’t like anything shaved, anywhere. I take three-and-a-half minutes to get ready in the morning, so if someone takes longer than me there’s a huge problem!”

Anna Trebunskaya (Dancing With The Stars)
“I have to say scruffy because my husband is a little scruffy right now. Everywhere else? Be natural. If you have hair, have hair. Be a dude.”

Mircea Monroe (Episodes)
“I like scruffy ’cause it’s manly. If you have a beasty back, then wax that. Otherwise be natural. Down below, be aware of hygiene, whatever that means to you.”

Jaime King (upcoming Hart of Dixie)
“I like a little facial hair. Don’t shave your chest if it’s going to leave big red bumps everywhere. But if you’ve got a fur jacket going on you might want to do some grooming. Below the belt, It depends on what your situation is. If it’s like the frickin’ jungle, yes. Ladies like things that are clean and well taken care of.”

Aly Michalka (Hellcats)
“I like a little bit of scruff on the sides but not a full-on beard. I’m not really into chest hair. They don’t need to wax but it’s more preferable for me if they don’t have chest hair. Below, I guess whatever makes the guy feel comfortable. But I think too much grooming is weird.”


(Gerri Miller is an entertainment journalist who writes a weekly Ecollywood celebrity column for and contributes frequently to, TV Week (Canada), and Wild Blue Yonder.)