Kira Ayn Varszegi Martinez is an interesting woman from head to toe, but one particular area of interest in that spectrum would be her 38DD breasts. They’re interesting, of course, because most 38DD breasts are inherently interesting to us, but also because she uses them not just for distracting us during conversation, but to create art. She paints with them! 

But she’s not just some sideshow fetishist with a sexy gimmick, she’s quick to point out. Explains Kira, “I paint with various body parts, wind-up toys, remote-controlled vehicles, fruits & vegetables, and occasionally brushes & palette knives. Familiar mediums include oil, acrylic, tempera, gouache, crayons, cocoa, coffee, red wine, strawberries/cherries/blueberries and melted chocolate.”

Unfortunately, your only access to the happily-married artiste’s process is to purchase one of her paintings or explore her catalogue over at her site – no behind the scenes tours. It’s called Turtlekiss, so check it out. Here’s a taste of her "Hope" and “New Hope” series below.