There are many things that could possibly go wrong with this product…except for having disheveled or unkempt hair! The Gun Comb is the perfect way to keep your hair in place and how you like it, while looking wildly dangerous.

Why go for a plain old comb when you can use one shaped like a lethal weapon? Just try not to comb your hair in a bank. The Gun Comb by conveniently holsters itself in your pocket, handle protruding making it easily accessible in case a nasty gust of wind messes with your carefully shaped hairstyle calls for a quick draw.

Definitely worth a few laughs with friends, the Gun Comb is the only way to ensure you are more bad ass than everyone you know. Traveling with the Gun Comb is not advised, as it will keep you in airport security after a luggage scan causing you to miss your flight and try to explain the humor in combing your hair with a firearm. Get your Gun Comb here.