Every week you joyfully watch him shovel food into his face on his Food Network show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”. Now Guy Fieri provides you with more than just commentary on whatever ulcer-inducing dish he’s inhaling.

He’s designed two knives completely for the quintessential guy cook he calls Guy Fieri’s Knuckle-Sandwich Knives. The two knives (an 8” chef knife and a 5 ½” utility knife) are must-haves for any bad ass chef’s kitchen. Not a bad ass chef? Well, they might inspire you to cook something besides a microwaved plate of Tyson’s chicken nuggets. First, Guy did away with the plain old-fashioned black handles and threw some red and stars in there. The handles are ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably for serious slicing and dicing. Then, he added a tribal flame etched into the high-carbon stainless steel blade; turns out flames are douchey on a vehicle, but awesome on a knife. And as if these knives aren’t manly enough, on the end of the utility knife Guy added a meat tenderizer he dubbed “The Crusher”. Rachel Ray would faint at the site of these, and you can pre-order them now here.