Whether you’re worried you’re going to knock up your girlfriend or you’re concerned you don’t have the necessary virility to one day become a family man, every guy could benefit from knowing how strong his sperm count is.

And now it’s even easier to find out. Meet the Trak Male Fertility Testing System from Sandstone Diagnostics, just cleared by the FDA. Essentially, it’s a SpermCounter3000 that uses centrifugal force to isolate and quantify sperm cells using specially designed disposable cartridges, making it easier for men to conduct what can be an awkward situation in a private and convenient manner.

The Trak provides semi-quantitative results, classifying sperm counts as either “Low,” “Moderate” or “Optimal.” (The classifications are legit; they’re based on World Health Organization guidelines and clinical studies that correlate higher sperm counts with faster time to pregnancy.) It also pairs with the Trak mobile app to allow men to monitor their results and receive personalized feedback on lifestyle and wellness steps that may boost their sperm count (e.g., ditch the skinny jeans, guys!). This is important because sperm counts can be impacted by a man’s overall health, like weight, activity levels and stress.


How does it work? Well, you can view the (rather boring) video here, but in a nutshell, you put a few drops of your baby batter into the device, close the lid, and the machine does the rest, using centrifugal force to isolate the sperm cells and give you a reading (which is measured in millions of cells per millimeter, FYI).

The Trak will be available over the counter and on Amazon beginning in October. It’ll sell for $159.99, and that includes four cartridges. For more information, visit

Oh, and if you do buy one, maybe don’t let your roommate use it.