Is your school one of the hairiest in the country? And if it is, what does that mean for your social life? Well, Schick did a study to find out just exactly which schools were the most hirsute and how that impacted the scholoastic and social aspects of male students’ lives. 

“It’s clear that a lot of guys avoid shaving regularly, and they might be developing bad shave habits on campus,” said Dan Kinton, Senior Brand Manager for Schick. “We’re offering a refreshing solution with Schick Hydro, a razor designed to dramatically improve the shave experience and deliver more comfortable shaves through hydration.”

At the other end of the spectrum, America’s most cleanly shaven campuses include Texas Tech (No. 1; 98% clean shaven), James Madison (No. 2; 96.5% clean shaven), University of Virginia (No. 3; 84% clean shaven), Yale University (No. 4; 83.5% clean shaven), and Penn State University (No. 5; 83% clean shaven).

Researchers collected data through first-hand student observations.

“We sent researchers onto campuses across America to observe guys’ shaving habits,” said Bert Sperling, President of research firm Sperling’s Best Places. “The one trend that stuck out the most was that guys at southern schools preferred the clean shaven look, while guys at Northeast-city schools tended to sport more scruff.”

Guys at schools renowned for their science and engineering programs have done their research on keeping a clean mug. Texas Tech (#1), Virginia Tech (#9) andCarnegie Mellon (#10) all ranked in the top 10, each with over 79% of guys sporting clean shaves. Meanwhile male students in New York and New Jersey need to look elsewhere for grooming inspiration; none of the five schools from the two states finished in the top half of the study, while three – Seton Hall (#53), Syracuse (#54)and Rutgers (#60) – finished in the bottom ten.