Two things a man may take the most pride in: grilling and his tools. The two worlds have finally combined with the new Salt and Pepper Hammers. No, this isn’t a collaboration of early 90’s hip-hop artists, these are the latest in grilling technology designed specifically to make you feel more manly. 

This is what Thor uses on his steaks. No more “sprinkling” or “lightly dusting” your burgers. Where’s the fun in that? It’s time you forcefully hammered the flavor into your meat like you were hammering the final nail into your newly built home (of meat). Think of your grandchildren speaking of you proudly: “My grampa built this house with his own two hands. He also seasoned his flank steaks with hammers.”

The long handles are perfect for keeping your very flammable hands away from the fire of the grill, but are removable for occasions requiring subtlety. It’s like when Superman put back on his Clark Kent glasses. But you’ll know what they really are. You’ll know. The hammers are sold together and go for $20.00.