To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the wildly iconic, cult mega-hit, "Blade Runner," director Ridley Scott has revisited the raw footage to bring a whole new experience to the world of Rick Deckard–Blade Runner: Final Cut

Included in this steel briefcase of kitschy destruction is the following: Never-seen-before scenes, increased, 4k resolution, more lines, improved special effects, and you can bet your custom blasterthere’s going to be a ton of new director commentary. There are so many new features, in fact, that the entire set comes in 5 discs. There is a theatrical version, an unrated international version, a workprint version (the most unique of all cuts), a documentary about the making of the film, a disc of featurettes about the story, and the "final cut" version compliments of director Scott. 

The whole kit and caboodle is selling on Amazon now for a dramatic 52% off. Trust us on this one, this commemorative package is no replicant. It’s the real deal.