The year: 1979. A gallon of gas cost 86 cents. The Sony Walkman was a thing. And the head-turning car you see here was unleashed on the world.

Yes, we speak of the 1979 Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S Series I, a holy grail among classic supercar aficionados, and one that still holds up today as a V-12, 375-horsepower, five-speed racing machine. And best of all, you’ve got the chance to own one for yourself, as this thing hits the Sotheby’s auction block at the end of January. So get your paddle hand loose.

This sleek, black beauty is one of only 50 Series I cars ever produced and is characterized by its low body design, scissor doors and Bravo wheels. It retains its original mid-mounted V-12 engine, so that’ll come in handy whether you’re racing down the Pacific Coast Highway or just talking shop as you carefully apply a coat of wax in your temperature-controlled garage.

Over the years, this car has gotten some updates. For starters, it was originally blue. And in 2002, the drivetrain was removed for a comprehensive service and rebuilt to ensure mechanical reliability into the future. More recently, the owner replaced the old exhaust with a period-correct Ansa Sport system, the clutch was replaced and the A/C was serviced to blow cold air.

Which doesn’t do you any good now, but still.