Cold stones aren’t just for eating cake batter ice cream and listening to insecure teenagers sing ridiculous songs to you. Now they are for your whiskey, which is undeniably cooler.

Some people like to savor their drinks. If you’re a whiskey fan, then this probably applies to you. Unfortunately, the longer you savor it, the more watered down it becomes. This is due to a process scientists call “melting” in which ice returns to its liquid form. Not only is this process of “melting” causing an uproar about rising sea levels and the end of the world, it’s also diluting your drink.

With the On The Rocks Whiskey Stones, you can take melting ice completely out of the equation. Just pop them in your freezer for a few hours, then into your glass. Pour your drink, and enjoy. At $19.95, they make a great gift for any person who enjoys actually tasting the spirit of their choice. If only we can figure out how these can stop global warming…