I was going over some links to my site and notice one to Alexa Street. Evidently it is a stock market game based on Alexa ranked sites similar to BlogShares. You shares move up and down based on Alexa rankings. Evidently my site was one of the biggest movers on the net. Check out all the people trading my stock. My stock price went from$1.41 (the lowest price they have) to $21.10 with my recent digg. I guess the 50,000 hits I got moved my site up the alexa rankings. I have one word to all the people that seemed to have bought my stock. SELL because there is no way I can keep it up. Not without more abuse of the system. I might have one more 5o K day in me next week but I might save it for later. Here are the shares prices for some of the blogs I read. I only post this because this is as high as my shares will ever be

Wallstreetfighter $21.20
Tale of the Tape $1.41
Trader Mike $5.92
Trader X $1.41
Random Roger $1.41
Ugly $3.16
Seeking Alpha $16.73
Investors Daily $11.18
Wallstrip $2.83 (who ISN’T part of this show but me)
Dealbreaker $8.06 (no Brian Hunter talk to end the streak that’s why it’s down)
Optionsxpress $13.42
Paris Hilton.com $5.92

Want to make a bunch of virtual money? Sell me short