We’re one step closer to becoming totally bionic. In today’s world, you can stick a small, wireless device inside your ear–like, say, Here One earbuds—and amplify whatever sounds you want.

Here One are normal headphones, except they don’t isolate you from the world. As in, you can layer live commentary over a game while still experiencing the roaring crowd, or safely listen to music while riding a bike without totally tuning out traffic. You can also stream music and audio, take calls, amplify speech at a crowded restaurant, access Siri and Google Now and more. Just selectively choose what you want to hear and tune out the rest—like the crying child sitting next to you on your morning commute, or office chatter, or that siren outside your apartment.

Available for preorder online for $299, Here One learns your preferences and both provides suggestions and adjusts sounds according to your personal Listening Profile. So, in conclusion, it’s a robot that’s turning us into robots. It’s the future, people: Resistance is futile.