Climbing Mount Everest can be an arduous ordeal. People die every year doing it. But golfing Mount Everest? It’s the height (get it?!) of luxury.
Nepalise Heli-Golf is not, unfortunately, a game where you play golf from the helicopter like you might play elephant polo. It is, on the other hand, a game of golf played at 14,500 feet in which your golf cart is a high-altitude helicopter and your caddy has a different title: summiteer.

If you’ve never played golf at varying elevations, it can have a shocking effect on your stroke distance. Golf Digest says that a 240 yard drive will gain 80 yards with just 6,000 feet in elevation, so when you’re up more than double that, you can see how you’ll be hitting the long ball.

On this excursion,t hough, you’ll only have 2 high-altitude holes to lose balls into 10,000 foot crevices for. After that, you’ll take your helicopter back to more civil climes. Namely the Hyatt Regency and its 18-hole course. Spa visits are optional as are tours of the Boudinath temple complex. It’s going to cost you about $9,500 per person based on double occupancy for this 5-day trip. There are cheaper ways to get high, but not many that are more grand.

Bonus: You might get to meet the Dalai.  Lama.  Himself.