Saddleback Leather – purveyor of almost ludicrously high-quality leather products – wants to give you one of their signature bags: the $500-$600 Saddleback Briefcase. If it reminds you of Indiana Jones, you’re not alone.

We’re certainly in the same boat (biplane?), and so are some of the customers as the fan photos on their site suggest. Well, as you know, a giveaway is just fine with us, and to win it, all you have to do is became a fan of us on Facebook (you can’t win if you’re not in our fans list). Go to our profile, and leave a comment about what you would use yours for. Think about where you’d go, what misadventures you’d be having, who you’d have with you, and (of course), what you’d be hauling in your Saddleback Leather briefcase.  The best answer gets the best leather bag that money can buy (but, in this case, won’t have to). Even if you don’t have the best answer, though, you’ve still got a shot.  First and second runner’s up will receive their Passport Wallet and studded, Leather Mousepad respectively.  So add us on Facebook and tell us your story now!