In the financial journalism world, there is a popular little ‘grab the reader’ technique called ‘using an anecdotal lead’.

To employ this technique, the writer will start off with a little human interest story pertaining to someone relatively involved in the main focus of the story. Bloomberg News has friggin’ mastered this technique to the fullest in their latest write-up about the Vegas economy being in dire condition.

Meet Leigh Sogoloff, a 36-year-old stripper who gives lap dances Rick’s Cabaret Vegas on Procyon Street (and proud owner of one of the least exciting ‘stripper names’ I’ve ever heard.)

Leigh goes on to say that her income from stripping which, (as all my bros out there know full well) is largely comprised of tips, is down roughly 50% from what she brought in last year. A coworker explained that these days she brings in around $6k a month, but those big money days of January ’07 saw her bring in $30k that month. $30k a month! To be fair, she hasn’t come close to matching that month recently and she doesn’t expect she will anytime soon.

She’s got some sass too:

“You don’t shop, you don’t buy stuff you can’t afford,'” the 36-year-old Sogoloff said between dances at the Las Vegas club. She has postponed buying a house and is reading Deepak Chopra. “I know how to save money. I’m not a dumb stripper.'”

I wonder if Leigh ‘I’ll Sog You Off’ Sogoloff, incorporates Chopra’s work into her stage routine. Spinning around the pole with a copy of ‘How To Know God‘ in one hand and a copy of the Wall Street Journal in the other? Hot.

Look at this ridiculous headline for the article below. They can’t be serious, are they?

Bloomberg: Losing Las Vegas Shows How Americans Crap Out In Housing Casino, October 16, 2008