Her Sex Secret: Orgasm

Fantasizing about finishing? While the guys in porn have it easy — it seems like they just come where they please — most women in the real world recoil at the idea. So how do you broach the subject without encroaching on her dignity?

First, wait for the right moment. This isn’t the type of act you want to introduce on your anniversary or her birthday. You’re more likely to encourage experimentation when you’re in the throes of passionate sex.

Once you’ve decided the time is right, ask permission. Seriously—do not proceed until you ask her if and where you can come on her. Warn her when you’re about to get to the next level. Facial expressions, grunts, and headboard smacking do not count as adequate warning. Make sure your aim (shoot for her chest, stomach, or legs) is true. Unless she gives you explicit permission, you are absolutely not allowed to come on her face, hair, or eyes.

When you’re finished finishing, clean her up! Don’t just throw a box of tissues at her, either. Bring her a towel, and offer her a hot bath.

If you’re smart, you’ll use this as an opportunity for round two in the shower.