Blame it on the hormones: many women say they’re at their horniest when they’re on their period. But there’s no bigger turnoff than a guy who refuses to engage in period sex.

Intimidated? Don’t be. She won’t expect you to use your fingers or go down on her. In fact, she would probably prefer if you didn’t. And she won’t need your help getting wet — she’s already there — so you can play with her breasts, skip most of the foreplay, and steal home tonight.
First, lay down some towels and make sure you have a box of tissues within arm’s reach. Then put on a condom. Seriously. This is a non-negotiable, as you’ll both be more likely to contract something not worth contracting. Get on top if her period is heavy. You can bunch the towels to raise her pelvis up, and she can wrap her legs around you for maximum penetration. Don’t pump too hard — studies show period sex may actually shorten the duration of her period, but cramps may cause her to call it an early night.
It’s not for everyone, so talk about she feels about having period sex. After all, she may not want to get red in bed, but that’s what shower sex is for.