Women's sex secrets and sex advic3

Great foreplay begins with lips — what they’re kissing, and what they’re saying. We love our minds to be tantalized along with our bodies. But as much as you may be thinking those sweet, sexy nothings, most men remain silent under the sheets.

Yes. We want you to talk dirty to us.

If you’re nervous about getting tongue-tied, down a stiff drink or two to build your confidence and relax your partner. Just remember to stop before you hit your limit, as slurs are a major turn-off.

Start by kissing our neck and collarbone, and softly describing how attracted you are to us. Toe the line between awkward and alluring by using a deep, committed whisper. Begin slowly, and watch how our body reacts when you talk to us. Gradually work your way towards the torrid. If we tense up, turn away, or avoid eye contact, you’ve probably gone too far. Don’t make specific demands that we may find offensive — compliment our body and tell us why it turns you on.

You don’t need to be a poet or pornographer in bed, but it doesn’t hurt to try.