Shower sex

Nothing is hotter than the feeling of sliding your warm, wet body against your lover in a steamy shower. But just because you’re in the shower doesn’t mean you need to have shower sex. Too many bathroom sex sessions end in disappointment — or painful slip-and-falls. And to add insult to probable injury, you can’t use condoms under water.

So forget shower sex, and focus on shower foreplay.

First, throw a wet towel on the floor of the tub for traction. This will prevent you from sliding around and add some padding for your knees. Take advantage of the collection of soaps and shampoos lining the perimeter of the tub. Lather body wash across her chest and down her torso, gently stroking between her legs. Use the hand shower to clean off the suds, and drive her crazy. When she’s about to come, get on your knees — remember, you’ve got some cushion down there — and drive her to orgasm with your mouth.

If you can’t stop yourself from going all the way, press her against the tiles and take her from behind. If you need reduce friction, skip the urge to use conditioner and try a silicone-based lube.