I will spare everyone my thoughts about most of the people left after the hurricane but I am sure it was a small few that ruined it for everyone else. This is why big government is wrong. Here are a few of the lovely items purchased with the emergency $2,000 debit card issued to victims. I threw in a few other problems in the list

1. Strippers
2. Gambling
3. .45 handgun and a nice one for $1300
4. An engagement ring for $1100 (must have been a beauty)
5. 5,000 people received two cards
6. $375 a day beachfront condos
7. A $400 massage (did it have a happy ending for that price?)
8. A $450 tattoo
9. 1000 people used the social security of a dead person to get money
10. $150 worth of products from “Condoms to go”

That was all I could dig up but I guarantee there was more. The greatest thing was probably the New York Times criticizing Bush for not doing enough and avoiding a story on the scams.