In a way, finding style inspiration has never been easier. In a way, it’s a pain the ass. There are no shortage of great style influencers on Instagram, but it’s difficult to use as a reference tool unless you have a heavy screenshot thumb. The new app Cloth improves on that model with a tight focus (street style) and by allowing you not just to post and follow but to filter results by city, keyword and outfit type (chilly, everyday, evening, etc.). “We found that existing social networks don’t do a great job of letting you see what is being worn on the streets,” says creator Seth Porges, a former editor at Maxim and Popular Mechanics. “It’s easy to see a random feed of photos, but if you want to know what people are wearing for certain weather or in a certain city, there’s no real easy way to do that.” The app, launched last week, is mostly populated by women at the moment but holds great potential for menswear, once enough guys discover it. ” It’s all about utility: making it easier to get dressed,” says Porges. “Every feature in Cloth was inspired by something we found people were already doing with their phones. We wanted to make it all faster and more fun.”