In the vast world of boats, you’ve got your super yachts and your catamarans and your speed boats and even your paddleboats shaped like a swan. Each serves its purpose. But none can be easily hoisted from a trailer and set gently into the water. For that, you’re going to need the Tinnie 10 Side by Side Vessel, a new and very compact boat from Michigan-based designer J. Ruiter.

The standard motor is a four-stroke outboard situation, but you can request an electric motor, if that’s your thing. With a maximum 10 horsepower, you won’t be racing across the water. But it’s enough to get the job done considering that this 10-foot boat weighs as much as a medium-sized adult.

Thanks to its lightweight, powder-coated black aluminum frame, this thing clocks in at a mere 173 pounds, making it a legitimately portable option for enlisting a little help and carrying down to your nearest body of water. The white oak plank flooring keeps everything handsome down below, and the upholstered two-person bench makes for some comfortable seating for you and a friend.

Or even better, a “friend.”