haim feldman lost boys

Dear Corey,

This is going to be a weird letter because we don’t know each other. And it’s kind of a dick move for me to tell you what you need to do. Because you don’t know me from Adam and who am I to boss you around? I wouldn’t want anyone writing a public letter to tell me what I need to do. (I don’t even like private letters telling me what I need to do.) But anyway, let’s just put that all aside and continue, OK?

I just read your recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. About how you were molested while you were a child actor in Hollywood and how your pal and fellow actor Corey Haim was straight-up raped on a movie set at age 11, and how some of the men who molested you and Corey are still working in Hollywood, and one of them is pretty high up. It’s disturbing stuff, man.

The idea that there’s this whole network of pedophiles in the film industry, and that there are parties thrown where kids are being groomed by producers and publicists and other Hollywood types to be sexual prey is so fucked up and scary. It reminds me of the awful things going on for decades in the Catholic Church, as documented in the Oscar-winning movie Spotlight. And it reminds me of the atrocious acts being committed in and around State College, Pennsylvania for decades by Penn State football coach and convicted child rapist and worst human ever Jerry Sandusky.

It’s just like you said in the Hollywood Reporter piece: If someone comes out and names names, you would back them up. Well, don’t you think there are others in Hollywood who are thinking the same thing? Of course there are.

Which is exactly why you need to come out with everything you know, man.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy. I realize you’re worried about what it will do to your career, and that a lot of people might see the names you name and shrug—sort of like we do with Roman Polanski and Woody Allen—and that because of the statute of limitations in California, these guys probably won’t get convicted or face prison time. I realize you’re also concerned you might even be sued for libel or slander or whatnot.

But you can’t worry about any of that. You just have to put it all on the table, tell your truth, your whole truth, and let the chips fall where they may. Don’t worry about what will happen to your career. Because, straight talk? Your career can’t get any lower. (Sorry, Corey. Again, who the fuck am I to say that? I make less per year than you get from the residuals on Goonies, I bet.) Also, who cares if they don’t go to prison? At least people will know what awful, awful people these guys are. Maybe your accusations will cost them work, which would be cool.

Furthermore, if you come out and name names, other people will start coming out too. Which is why you don’t need to worry about being sued. Because anybody who molested you or Haim also molested a bunch of other people, and those people will back you up and corroborate your story.

It’s just like you said in the Hollywood Reporter piece: If someone comes out and names names, you would back them up. Well, don’t you think there are other people in Hollywood and now scattered around America and the world who are thinking the same thing? Of course there are. They are too scared to be the first, but if someone comes out and says such-and-such Hollywood d-bag producer was a child molester, others will come out of the woodwork to say the same thing. Just like women did with Bill Cosby, and just like people did with the Catholic Church (as seen at the end of Spotlight) and just like people did with Sandusky.

Which is why you need to be the first. It takes courage. But from the sound of things, you’re a courageous guy. You’re drug-free, you’ve got a great girlfriend and child and a nice house and nice car. So what do you say, Corey? Tell us those names. Hell, you could probably make some money off of it. Broker a deal with People or In Touch or National Enquirer. Work up a bidding war for all the beans you are prepared to spill. Then donate the money to victims of sexual abuse.

Because like you said, due to the Internet and social media and everything, the problem is getting worse. It’s growing, not shrinking. We need someone to take a strong stand against these predators.

Plus, as more people come forward, a lot of these asshole pedophiles might be discouraged from ever laying a hand on a kid.

Wouldn’t that be nice?