Hey Digg Users… a couple of words of advice from the real world.

1. Not every good photo is made with photoshop. There are some people that still know how to use a camera

2. We could care less about Ubuntu and will never ever ever use it.

3. You talk to me with that mouth face to face and somebody is going to take a UFC forearm shiver to the jaw.

4. Sarcasm and criticism are not good things. It is a trait developed by today’s generation that offset all the good things they’ve accomplished.

5. Apple is not as good as you think it is and Microsoft is not as bad

6. Despite the love you have for Kevin Rose, he does not really know your name.

7. CG girls are not real girls. No matter how realistic you make them they will not be as hot as the real thing.

8. PS3 sucks, we get it. I promise I won’t buy it. No need to keep posting articles time and time again saying exactly that.

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