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Nip slips, no problem. That’s if you’re asking Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell about her fear of having one of the infamous wardrobe malfunctions while walking on the red carpet.

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In a recent interview with Modeliste Magazine, Mitchell actually implied she enjoys a little unintended nudity. Perhaps that’s why her Instagram page is filled with sexy and scantily clad photos? No one’s really complaining, though.

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“My most embarrassing red carpet moment is probably nip slips all the time… But, I mean, that’s what makes it fun. You don’t want every red carpet to go smoothly, do you? [At] the end of the day, if you get a nip slip, you get a nip slip.”

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We all know nip slips and red carpet mess ups create headlines, too. And honestly, which Hollywood actress isn’t shooting to score some of those these days?

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We know, we know… why can’t all women be as carefree about peek-a-boo tits as Mitchell? A lot of girls could get over their body issues and self-consciousness with her positive boob mentality.

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We’re guessing that’s why she’s so comfortable flaunting her body on her social media page. Whether she’s posing for a sexy photo shoot, rocking a band T-shirt or stuffing her face with some pizza, she always manages to radiate beauty.

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She’s not the only young actress to get her sexy on online, either. Modern Family star Ariel Winter just made mouths drop after posting her sexy and booty-licious shots on Instagram, too. Who knew these two would grow up to be so damn hot?

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