Folding bicycles always seem like a good idea on paper – kind of like threeways. But, in the actual design of the bikes and use of them by riders, things are often ugly or inconvenient (again, like threeways). However, there are a few more stylish designs now available for the space-and-gas-conscious pedal-powered commuter.

The first, above, is the “International” and is designed by Kinfold and coat. It doesn’t fold down nearly as small as most folding bikes, but the advantage to it is that when you’ve got it unfolded, it not only looks like a full-size racer, but it looks like a real slick full-size racer. It folds down into a chic leather satchel that could be easily carried and stored next to or under your desk.

The other compacts a little further and has the added bonus of a frame that is designed to hold a briefcase betwixt your whirring, eco-friendly legs.  Called “The City,” it folds down smaller size, but doesn’t have t he leather case to fold into. And, you look a little nerdy when you’re riding it carrying your briefcase to work. So, it’s either the slightly dorky and functional City for about $2,000 or the sleek speeder for $3,800. Check out the International here, and the City here.