Even us rich folk get caught up in having the highest credit limit credit card we can have. A $100,000 limit credit card would seem to be a great thing to have but it kills you. Our credit system is flawed and unfortunately it assigns a certain amount of money that your can be loaned with low risk. The credit companies then take that number and subtract out all the the things you’ve already borrowed and all the things you could use to borrow, meaning your credit cards. If the say you’re good for $500,000 and you already borrowed $50,000 for your car, a $100,000 credit card, and then 10 other misc. cards that total $150,000. You’re left with 200K you can borrow. You can’t buy sh** with 200K. Ditch all those credit cards and get 1 or 2 and keep the limits reasonable. It will help your credit and then you buy the big boy toys. Or you could just pay cash for everything like the big players.