Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer.  He was at the Actor’s Studio for 11 years (as a janitor).  He hates zoos – thinks they’re awful.  You have obviously not been keeping a finger on the pulse of pop culture over the last two decades if you’re being caught unawares when we say he’s got an impressive cult following.

What you may not know, though, is that because of this cult following you’re afforded the opportunity to wear, hang, and read some outstanding pieces of art based entirely on this…eccentric…and oddly-cadenced….actor.

The first is a painting called “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” that is the pinnacle of what pop art should be.  Forget a soup can.  This is Captain Koons building Optimus Prime in his basement while he drinks a delicious, frosty Tab cola.  [Buy it]

The second is a t-shirt called Blazing Walken (see top image), and it’s perfect for your next biker gang meeting or Christopher Walken-themed theater night.  Or maybe if you just want to play a drinking game on Christopher Walken Day. [Buy it]

And, finally, the Christopher Walken game – “Walken A to Z: The Man – The Movies – The Legend.”  In it, author Robert Schnakenberg delves into the syncopated rhythms of Walkens sometimes dodgy, sometimes endearing, always interesting past.  [Buy it]