And I’m frickin terrified of hairless monkeys. What scares me lately is the way she will say anything and I mean anything, to try and get votes. Her speeches and press releases are like Law and Order SVU, made to match the headlines. Here’s her latest

Last week, Clinton released plans for a $30 billion emergency housing fund that would go to states and localities to help head off foreclosures.

The New York senator is also supporting a bill that would expand the government’s capacity to guarantee mortgages that are reworked on affordable terms.
“This would be good for families, who can keep their homes. It would be good for mortgage lenders, because it’s more profitable than foreclosures. It would be good for our economy, helping to unfreeze our credit markets,” Clinton said in a speech at the University of Pennsylvania.

So now Hillary is going to single handily save the housing market. Not fix all the problems that have caused the housing problem. The banks lending money to a guy on welfare for a $300,000 home. Letting people take out bridge loans to avoid mortgage insurance. That one was awesome. You need to have 20% down or they make you buy mortgage insurance but you were able to go borrow that 20% from someone else and avoid the insurance. Brilliant concept. No Hillary is going to bail out homeowners just like the government bails out the banks themselves. She figures this is what people wants to hear so that’s what she says. She has absolutely no plans of really doing it. She realizes that’s what people want to here. If she thought the people would vote for her if she became a member of Soulja Boy she would be up on stage with her hat sideways singing “Crank Dat” and doing the Superman.