UK inventor James Tristaram has come up with a product that will make hipsters squeal with giddy, illuminated delight when they think about the flash it’ll add to their fixies. Also, it’ll be cool for the rest of us. The invention: light-up bicycle tires.

It’s been fashionable for a while to illuminate your spokes, and it’s been safe for longer to install lights on your handlebars for visibility, but these tires take care of both functions simultaneously while also making your bike look like a lightcycle from Tron

The most impressive part about the tires (adorably spelled tyres on the UK site), is that they’re powered by the motion of the bike itself. The circular motion of the tires’ energy is transferred to the lights, illuminating them as you ride. They’re also programmable to either stay on permanently of flash in a two-wheeled seizure machine type of way. They’re sure to be a little pricier than your typical rubbers, but it might be worth it for all the hot, hipster girls you’ll pick up .  Check ’em out here